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Portfolio additions

Some of these drawings go back two to three years.


I Surrender

Through much contemplation I have decided that it is within my best interest to take a breather and stop trying so hard to make the shoe design business work.  I have come to realize that sometimes the harder you try the more you miss the reason you enjoy it in the first place.   I have learned through this process that there are more important things in my life and none of them have to do with getting anything more than I already have.

These are some of my visions and I know just how they should look.  I find the ideas come naturally, the drawing and specifying a little more difficult, but the execution well; this is the difficulty.  I am well aware that the execution is what makes or breaks them.  Through many lessons that I could share one day, I have learned that I alone do not possess all the necessary elements to make this work at the level to which I aspire. 

I am finding that although I know it is possible for me accomplish what I wish, it comes at a cost I am unwilling to pay.  I would love to see these shoes come to life but, in order for that to happen I would need the right team around me.

If someone wishes to steal the designs, so be it.  I know better than most what it takes to make this happen and not just anyone can do it, regardless of the money spent or the willingness to learn.  I am at peace knowing the designs are mine. 

The way I see it, they will either become a bad knockoff and will not look as intended or I will find the person(s) who can turn them into reality.  If the latter were to happen without credit to me, I will still be at peace.

Should my drawings find their way to the team of people who can make this work and should they think I have enough talent to invest the time into developing the designs and the designer that would be one dream come true.  If not, I accept what is and what will be.   

In any case, I am taking the time I need right now to gain balance in my life. I will gladly share more of my drawings when I have the time and inclination to do so.

Photo Shoot

Let me preface by saying that my photographer Jessica Janae did a fantastic job especially seeing what she was working with.  The day prior to the shoot my family said goodbye to our dog Darbie and when I awoke my eyes had swollen to the size of tennis balls, I iced them but the real magic came in with Photoshop.  Also my hair has never looked like that but try as I might, my hair was having one of those days where you just want to wash it and start over.  Have you ever noticed that your hair looks great when you have nowhere to go but, when you try really hard it doesn’t look so hot.  We also shot some of the samples that I received from the factory that I no longer work with, they aren’t perfect but, I just couldn’t let them go completely unused.


Spring Look Book

Fall Look Book

Originally I was to launch for Fall 2010 but I postponed the original launch until Spring 2011.  I spent a lot of time and effort in my fit testing and I found the highest heel last was not as comfortable as I wanted it to be, so I chose to scrap it and engineer a better last which also required new soles and heels.   So I ended up with a fall look book and a spring look book for the same collection.

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