The adventures and musings of an aspiring shoe designer

Taglines and Slogans

I keep either a notepad or my blackberry near me at all times because so often I get ideas and need to write them down instantly.  I have found that I’ve had flashes of inspiration, sometimes the idea seems so profound that you think you would never forget but it turns out you do forget. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had a thought that woke me from a dream and when I wake up in the morning with no recollection and see my scribbled notes I am grateful that I have my notebook there and ready. I’ve had this happen many times so it has become my habit to immediately write down all ideas.  Turns out some aren’t so great when you look at them later but some stand the test of time. 

For fun I thought I would share some of the tag lines that I had thought about using and some I might still use.

Comfort Incognito

Walk a mile in my shoes.

Extraordinary shoes for extraordinary women.

Every woman should walk the red carpet – Ventrano red carpet collection.

Ventrano; for the woman who needs nothing but deserves everything.

Ventrano..for today’s Wonder Woman

Ventrano – inspired by the women who wear them.

Ventrano – made for the everyday, extraordinary woman.

It doesn’t matter what else you wear as long as you’re wearing great shoes.

Ventrano – a reflection of you.

You shouldn’t have to compromise comfort for beauty… Ventrano.

Every woman has a pair of sitting shoes….these aren’t them.

There are many words we could use to describe Ventrano but, our favorite is…………………. Mine.

Looks Uncomfortable? Looks Italian?                                   Looks can be deceiving, the most comfortable high heel made in America.

Where will Ventrano take you?

How much better could you be if your feet didn’t hurt?                 Ventrano…unleash your superhero.

We believe you deserve to look  good and feel good too, beauty without pain…not impossible anymore.

Picture it:  busy day wearing comfortable high heels, you’re not dreaming anymore.

You could put them on a pedestal, we recommend you wear them.

Looking fabulous whether you’re coming or going.

Here are some fun ones that would have a theme song or be a parody of another commercial.

Ventrano….What’s in your closet?

These shoes were made for walkin.

When you get the choice to sit it out or dance…..we hope you dance.


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