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Some of My Favorite Things

I thought I would share some of my favorite things with you; not that I’m Oprah or anything but for me they make life a lot nicer. 

My Ipod – this is truly my most treasured possession.  I have had the same one for years and believe me I’ve gotten my monies worth and then some.  Not only do I have all my favorite music but I have all my favorite books on it.  I love to read but who has time to sit and relax with a book, not me (maybe when I retire).  I listen to all my different books while I put on my make up, work out, drive, clean the house, etc… honestly I probably listen to 10-14 books on average a month. 

Which leads me to my next favorite thing –, I absolutely love this company.  I am a platinum member which means I pay $22.95 a month and I get 2 credits.  With 2 credits I can buy 2 books and get 30% off any other books after I’ve used my 2 credits.  You can build up credits they don’t expire and you can cancel anytime.  I have been  a member for a couple of years now and have had no problems whatsoever.  If you listen to a lot of books like me, you really get a good deal this way.  Some of the books I listen to have taught me a lot about my next favorite thing.

Meditation – You don’t have to pay a penny for this one but I have to say I believe meditation to be the best therapy there is.  I do not claim to have mastered it and still have difficulty getting my mind to shut up.  However,  if I go a day without meditating I can feel the difference and it’s not good. 

Yoga – I actually haven’t done this in a long time,  I have a pretty bad knee injury that put me out of commission for a couple of years.  But, I do believe I will start practicing again, because I do remember how much better I felt when I was doing yoga daily. 

My Friends – Almost the same description as meditation, costs no money but possibly the best therapy there is.  If you don’t have some great friends I suggest you start being a little nicer and you will be rewarded with untold riches. 

Dogs – Now I know that everyone is not a dog person and if you are not then, please don’t get one  If you do get one make sure you know what kind of lifestyle you lead and get the appropriate dog for your life.   However, because I work from home I spend a lot of time with them and honestly I just wouldn’t want to live in a world without dogs.  They are a lot of work and yes they cost a lot of money (almost as much as children) but to me they give me so much more than I could possibly give them.  When Santa visits our house the kids get pictures with him and so do our dogs.


Keurig – I got this coffee maker as a gift from someone who obviously knows and loves me.  I drink 2-4 cups everyday and I really don’t know any better way to start the day than with a cup of coffee.

Chocolate – No need for expensive chocolate, pretty much any kind will do, I feel the same about chocolate as I do dogs, I don’t want to live in a world without chocolate.

Crown Burger – My favorite fast food joint, you might not have one near you and I am sorry because you are missing out on some pretty fantastic fries and fry sauce. I allow myself the treat of one Crown Burger visit every week and when I didn’t live here  and came to visit I would always make it a point to stop in and get some fries.

Christmas traditions – My husband loves Christmas and because of him we have developed so many wonderful traditions over the years and these are the things that you just can’t buy.  I hope you have your own traditions, for me Christmas is one of the best times because that’s when I feel the most “home”.  

I hope you all get to go “home” and have a Merry Christmas.


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