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Vision Board Pt. 3

Part 1 and Part 2

We’ll start with Mr. President, another fantastic example of the American Dream; this was put on the board while he was still campaigning with the caption “A Higher Calling”.  I will not get into political discussions with anyone, you have your opinions and I have mine and they are all opinions.  This is one of the many wonderful things about living in this great country of ours, we all have the right to think as we choose.

Underneath President Obama is the poem The Cookie Thief that I’ve already talked about in another post.

Next is another one of  the cards I just loved from our vacation in Cabo, this one says “Your work is to discover your work and then with all your heart give yourself to it.”  Buda.  The card reads Buda but it has always been my understanding the spelling is Buddha, I do not know why the spelling is different on this card.

Next you will see Reese Witherspoon the reason I put her on my board is that I feel that she is a good example of the Ventrano woman, the all american girl who wears many hats but looks good doing it all.

Next you will find our First Lady, Michelle Obama with a quote from her that says, “The more people see a variety of images…the more our girls will accept themselves.”  I really liked this because, as women, we are bombarded with unrealistic images to compete with and too many girls grow up feeling inadequate which I find to be unacceptable.  We should all grow up knowing that we are good enough just as we are and that we should not be judged by how we look but, to quote Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  “by the content of our character.”   Or maybe we shouldn’t be judged at all, now that would be a new dream for sure.  Maybe one day we will realize that we all have special gifts and that we should encourage and nurture those in ourselves and those around us.  Maybe then we could see what we have the power to accomplish.

Then a quote I really like “Don’t get even. Get even better.”

The card is one I received this year and I just had to put it up because it makes me smile every time I read it.  The front reads “Shoes are like men….”   the inside reads “Wait, what am I saying? Men suck. Shoes are Awesome. Never mind, Happy Birthday.”

The typed quotes are more from Wayne Dyer (I’m telling you I just love this man), it says.  “If you follow the herd you are going to step in shit.”  Now isn’t that the truth? Underneath that it says “I am independent of the good opinion of others.”  I believe this actually is from Abraham Maslow although Wayne introduced me to it.

Next to that is the Ventrano mission statement :

Ventrano designs women’s footwear that is uncompromising in quality, beauty and most important; COMFORT.   Their commitment to the customer is to make footwear that supports their demanding lifestyle from morning until night and makes them look great along the way.  Ventrano strives to consistently exceed all expectations and to do so with a smile.  The customer is not an outsider in our business – they are a part of it, they are Ventrano’s inspiration.

This was written a while ago so I will probably update it soon to reflect some additional thoughts I’ve had since.

The bottom left corner is a picture that I find breathtaking, I’ve mentioned that I love trees and this view in particular I find to be very inspiring.

The picture of all the German Shepherds came in because one day I had looked for a picture of my boy Courage, which I have mentioned before and this is what came up when I typed Courage the German Shepherd.  I just loved it, the bravery of the cat and the line of my beloved German Shepherds was an image I really liked.  Beyond the obvious, what I see is the contradiction of the image.  If you love dogs the way I do and in particular big dogs, not only German Shepherds but other large breeds you would know that they are as gentle and lovable as a teddy bear.  I have respect for the fact that they can be fearful, powerful and strong but also gentle, loving and cuddly and they can be any of these at will.

We’ll conclude with a buddhist saying  “When a lot of things go wrong, all of which are small and insignificant, it’s to protect something perfect that wants to come into your life.”  Something to think about, usually we are unable to see this until after the perfection has shown itself.


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