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Vision Board part 2.

Vision boards introduction in case you missed part 1

In this installment you see a little of the first post so we’ll start there.

Underneath the Jennifer Anniston picture sits a picture of a Cherry Blossom tree, I love all trees but certain ones evoke very special meanings for me.  The Japanese Cherry Blossom is symbolic to many people for many reasons, but for me it’s means delicate strength.  When I see the blossom it makes me think Spring has come,  somehow these delicate little flowers weather the coldest temperatures and still bloom without losing their soft and delicate nature.  Being that I am not a fan of winter and snow or cold I am always very tuned in and grateful to see the first blooms of these beauty’s.  Of course if you live where I do they can bloom and then get snowed on because here Spring is never just Spring.

The caption above this picture comes from O Magazine and says “Live Your Best Life“, to which I attempt to do but, am always in need of a reminder. 

As in the first post you will see multiple pictures of Jennifer Anniston and Oprah.  This view also contains Julia Roberts, she is on here because she also inspires me.  Some people just simply radiate grace no matter what they do and for me Julia does this.  I like that she is normal yet a superstar, like Jennifer she has somehow managed to find a balance and does not seem to be affected.   I like the fact that our superstars are human and can be equal with the rest of us non-superstars, regardless of what the media tells us.

The card is from my dearest friend the shoes are saying “Ooh, ooh! Pick me!, Psst! Come try me on!, Can’t resist me, can you sweetie? and “Darling, don’t be sensible.”  Voices only women can hear.  I’ve given into these voices countless times as I imagine you have.

My Mom gave me the dalmatian picture, notice the spots.  To the far right you will see a picture of a view I would like to see often and on top of that picture, the quote “The most beautiful stones have been tossed by the wind and crushed by the water and polished to brilliance by life’s strongest storms.”  I got that from Dr. Wayne Dyer I don’t know if it’s his, it seems that many people claim this saying.

To the far left is a Salvatore Ferragamo shoe that I love, see genius is everywhere you look.  To the right of that is a cute little picture saying “First rent, then shoes.”  To the far right of that is Mr. Christian Louboutin himself, I often wonder about this man, I have so many things I would like to ask him.  I would love to spend a day or a year sweeping the floors of his factory and watch him work his magic just to be in his presence while he created would be so inspiring. 

The bottom right is a caption I typed myself “Ventrano, the next Louboutin?”  I would like to see this in print with another author someday.  The card under Mr. Louboutin reads “Normal day, let me be aware of the treasure you are…Let me not pass you by in quest of some rare and perfect tomorrow.”  Anonymous.    I think we all need to be more aware of our “normal days.”


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