The adventures and musings of an aspiring shoe designer

Design Synchronicity?

Have you ever heard of design or art synchronicity?  I know that is not an actual term but I’ve heard of this idea throughout my life and have seen it happen myself.  I have personally had this happen to me, in fact the Manolo feather shoe (shoe envy this week) is an example.  I had the idea for this shoe, I did some drawings but was not at all pleased with my work, and I chose to add this to my list of this is the idea but the execution needs to be much better.  Then about 6 months later I walked into a store and froze, there across from me was the beautiful feather shoe.  I actually gasped ‘that’s my feather shoe” executed to perfection and I had to wonder, how this is possible.

Obviously Manolo isn’t stealing my designs (can you hear him laughing), my shoe was only in my head and Manolo’s shoe was in a store but, I know I had never seen it before.  I have now had these same things happen often enough that I do question it.  I will have some bright idea and get so excited, draw it, talk about it and then, see it in a store.  Most often it’s a detail; not 100% of the design like the feather shoe.  I’ve heard that designers and artists will get similar inspirations and I know that I am inspired by other shoe designers as well as other artists in general.  As an aspiring designer I don’t want to do what another is doing, I want to make something unique but how do you do that when everything has been done. Even when you think your idea is unique you are sure to find proof otherwise. 

 I understand that designers, get copied all the time and I am making a distinction between getting knocked off and design synchronicity. Some cases are obvious knockoffs but I wonder how many are design synchronicity, I also wonder how other designers view this subject.  The way that I will choose is that I will execute to the best of my abilities and not worry about what others do and assume that regardless of what others do your execution should stand alone.

The reason this has been on my mind is that I have run into a boot that made me pause and wonder.

I also wonder what Manolo thinks.


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