The adventures and musings of an aspiring shoe designer

Typical Mens Shoe

Men’s lace shoes tend to fall into two categories:

1. The Oxford – these shoes have the vamp overlapping the quarters with the tongue being separately attached.

2. The Derby or Gibson – these shoes have the quarters overlapping the vamp which normally includes the tongue.

I get asked all the time if I design men’s shoes and although I never say never, I really don’t think so.  Men’s shoes are so limited and to be honest I don’t really have any mens shoes in my head.  What I mean by that is that in Valentino’s documentary he made a comment about how he wakes up with a dress in his head and I know exactly what he means.  I wake up with shoes in my head but, never a man’s shoe, unless you make a man’s shoe for a woman, now that’s something I could consider. 


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