The adventures and musings of an aspiring shoe designer

Manual of Shoemaking

Although there are countless varieties of shoes, the parts of a shoe can be broadly grouped into uppers and bottoms.

Upper – A basic upper consists of three parts;

1. The vamp which covers the toes or the front of the shoe.

2. The quarters which enclose the back of the foot.

Bottoms – Refers to the whole of the bottom of the shoe as opposed to the upper.  It generally includes the following, depending on type of  construction.

1. Sock – This is the material between your foot and the insole and usually bears the brand name.

2. Insole – This is the inner sole of the shoe. We usually don’t see the insole because it is covered by the sock liner and the outsole.

3. Oustole – The outsole is the layer in direct contact with the ground.

4. Heel – The bottom rear part of a shoe is the heel. Its function is to support the heel of the foot.


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