The adventures and musings of an aspiring shoe designer

Flashback to May 2010

Stepping back to May 2010, I was working harder than I have ever worked before. People think it’s nothing but fun to design and work from home, although there are many things I like, there are also challenges that I hadn’t thought of.  Number one I am always working on some level in fact, I would say there are many days that I work 14 hours or more.  One of the challenges I hadn’t thought about is that when you work from home everyone thinks that you are just home doing nothing and they can call, stop by and pretty much give you little errands to run all day.  I am also finding that I am just as bad as those around me, for example I will start working and then I look up and notice how messy the kitchen is or how much laundry is dirty the list goes on and on, many times I am my own worst distracter.  I am forever trying to find a balance,  I have an ADD personality so I tend to have many projects going at once and nothing 100% complete. Which is perfect for this kind of business, in fact I feel like it’s almost essential, but I find myself up at 2:00 in the morning finishing work I didn’t do in the day. 

In the beginning of May I was preparing for the launch of Ventrano – Comfort Incognito, where shoes look as good as they feel.  I have been working on this for over 2 years and I am almost there, I can’t believe that in a few weeks Ventrano will be on the market and my dreams will finally become a reality. “Yeah, now looking at that statement I see that it looks too good to be true, I still have a little more work to do.”  Not that it has been easy or without setbacks and challenges, I have had as many downs as ups, sometimes I feel like I am on the craziest roller coaster ride.  One minute feeling so happy that everything is on schedule and the next minute the sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach as you watch everything fall apart.

One thing I am learning is that you can never get too comfortable, just when you think you’ve got it taken care of then something else breaks. This industry is much different than others I have worked in and I still am not sure how much was factory error, my error or just the nature of this business.  I, in particular, have a difficult time when I can’t control the outcome of my work.  It’s funny that I chose this career seeing that I am somewhat of a control freak, perhaps the reason I chose this is maybe a lesson I have yet to learn.  I am used to working very hard and have always excelled in worlds where you put in the time, work out the problems, kill yourself if you have to, but in the end the work shows what you intended.  Well, so far I have learned that no matter what you do others still have their hand in the mix so you could do everything right and still not end up with what you want.

The second week of May is spent in the factory specifying the choices for the spring / summer 2011 line.  I am excited as I see the leather that has arrived from Italy; you see swatches and try to choose all the while hoping you are picking colors and textures that will look good next year. This is one of my favorite parts of this business, seeing all the leathers and sketches, working with the patternmaker; this is what I signed up for.  There are many days that I have actually gotten a chill and a surge of pure bliss, I think this is the feeling we are always trying to get to.  I have noticed that since I’ve thrown all caution to the wind and just gone with my heart I have more and more of these bliss moments.  I know I’m not a movie star or a multimillionaire but I have to tell you I feel the same as I imagine they do when I stop and think of how grateful I am and that I am so fortunate to get to live this life.


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